Water Softener Discharge into Septic System-Friend or Foe?

Be hard on your water softener but soft on your septic system should be everyone's motto when dealing with these two household utilities. For those who have well water they know all about having a water softener. Water softener discharge in Septic Systems have been a controversy in our area. Softened water is not the problem; the problem is in the high concentration of salt (usually sodium chloride) in the backwash brine from softener regeneration. In most household systems three problems have been observed.

1) Solids are discharged into the drain field or seepage tank


2) Salt (brine) kills healthy Septic Tank digestive bacteria.


3) Additional amount of water volume added to your Septic System.


Contact us @ A-Norton Septic Contracting and we can discuss in detail the three items listed above and their harmful effects they may have on your septic system.

We can provide various alternatives to removing water softener discharge & any other discharges (sump pumps, air conditioner condensation run-off) out of your septic system. Water softener discharge/backwash (wsbw) shall be disposed of on the property by means in accordance with NJDEP's rules (NJAC 7:14a-8.18)

A effluent filter clogged (pictured below) with debris-NOTE the black gelatinous slime section-That is what is discharged into your septic system from your water softener. Continuous discharge of the backwash will result in premature failing of your septic system. Trust us we know!

 Effluent Filter WS resized 600