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Septic Systems- Sprinkler Systems & your Septic System

Posted on Wed, Jun 20, 2012 @ 01:20 PM

Septic systems & sprinklers: A match made in water heaven? Not really. Homes that are serviced by a Septic System (Individual Subsurface Sewage Disposal System) usually have a sprinkler system as well. A sprinkler system consists of pvc pipework that is installed as an underground irrigation systems and have pop up sprinkler heads in various zones to keep your lawn looking its best. Great for your lawn-bad for your septic system.

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A Septic System drainage area consists of the following types:  Disposal bed or lateral lines, trench system or seepage pit(s). Septic effluent enters the disposal area which then is absorbed in the ground and/or evaporated thru the air. An underground sprinkler system adds additional moisture to its surrounding area. How much depends on your sprinkler settings & the amount of rainfall where you live. This additional amount of water can affect the functioning & longevity of your existing septic system. Not always in a good way.

This additional moisture can contribute to issues that may cause unnecessary repairs or replacements of your septic system. Since a sprinkler system consists of a pipework with water flow-it is also consisted a water line. According to NJDEP ruling-No water line should be located with in ten (10) feet of an existing septic system. So that meean no sprinkler line should be near or across your septic system. Installation of Irrigation Sprinkler System Sprinklers along with sump pumps, water softener discharge and house footing drains (gutters) all need to be diverted away from your septic system. The NJDEP N.J.A.C 7:9A-4.3 Distances state: Water service line, (pressure) (which includes sprinkler lines) must be ten (10) feet from the Septic Tank, ten (10) from the Distribution Box and ten (10) feet from the Disposal Area. For Disposal Areas Section 11 states: "These distances shall be measured from the outermost margin of the disposal bed or trench in the case of conventional and soil replacement bottom-lined installations, from the outermost lateral extension of suitable fill in the case of soil replacement fill-enclosed and mounded soil replacement installations, or the edge of the required lateral suitable fill extension in the case of mounded installations"

So if you are plan on installing a new sprinkler system keep this in mind. If you already have a sprinkler system & a septic system when it comes time for repair/replacement that sprinkler line may have to be re-routed away from the septic system components as stated. Some health department may issue fines for having a sprinkler system within the required setbacks listed in the NJDEP code. During the repair/replacement of your septic system A-Norton Septic handles the sprinkler components for you. We know the code & we can properly handle your on-site sprinkler system. Most company’s quote a lower price & leave your sprinkler lines cut, sliced & broken all over your front lawn. Resulting in you having to hire and pay for this additional service of fixing your damaged sprinkler lines.

Avoid this problem-Consult with us @ A-Norton Septic Contracting for all your Septic System needs. We are a full service company that handles Septic Tank pumping & cleaning, Septic System repairs & installations, Septic Inspections & consultations/troubleshooting and Septic preventative maintenance options.

Keep your septic system happy & healthy. In the long run it will keep your home, property and environment healthy & working well for many years to come. Consult with A-Norton Septic Contracting. We know Septic!

Remember it is the most expensive utility in your home-make it last!


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