Hoot Septic Systems in New Jersey

A-Norton Septic Contracting is an certified installer of Hoot Aerobic Treatment System -

A five stage treatment septic system

  Hoot Systems 

An environmentally friendly alternative technology that: 

  • Reduces or Eliminates Septic Mounds
  • Cleaner Septic Effluent-Closer to drinking water standards
  • Ideal locations with High Water Tables
  • Suitable for Smaller Lots
  • Simple one piece design-saves on installation
  • NJDEP & NSF approved for Alteration & New Construction

 What is the Hoot Aerobic Treatment System?

The HOOT Aerobic Treatment System is a complete five (5) stage, one piece wastewater treatment system. This feature-packed aerobic treatment system operates like a small municipal treatment plant.

 Features of the Hoot Aerobic Treatment System

1)    Simple one-piece design saves installation time & money

2)    A long-life, state of the art computer manages the system. It operates the Hoot System for efficient, effective low cost operation versus other costly pump systems.

3)     The Hoot System computer monitors and verifies that every component is operating properly, without opening the system. It is much more than an idiot light and buzzer. 

Committed to the protection of environment, has made the Hoot System the preferred wastewater treatment system when there is no sewer connection,


Hoot Aerobic Treatment Septic System

Hoot Septic Tank resized 600


Efficient five (5) stage Hoot Aerobic Treatment System components:

1)   Pretreatment tank where influent enters

2)   Aeration chamber where oxygen is pumped into the waste water

3)   Clarifier chamber where the clear, odorless effluent rises.

4)   Chlorinator where the clear effluent passes thru for disinfection.

5)   Holding tank for disinfected effluent ready for discharge.

6)   Extremely quiet, efficient aerator and pump

7)   Unique solid-state HOOT Control Center monitors and controls the

8)   Discharge pump


The highly treated effluent is discharged into a variety of disposal systems, which range from :

Standard Drain fields (Disposal Beds)

Mounded Drain Fields

Drip Irrigation Septic Systems

Leeching Chambers (Infiltrator Systems) 

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