Infiltrator Septic Tanks & Chamber Systems

As a Certified Infiltrator System Installer & a Certified Advanced Installer of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (as required by NJDEP), A-Norton Septic Contracting has installed Infiltrator's Plastic Leachfield Chamber Systems & Septic Tanks locally and can answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding this type of septic system or any other type of system. We are always here to help. Contact us for the Infiltrator Septic System Operator/Owner's manual for further information.

The Infiltrator IM-1060 is a lightweight strong and durable septic tank. This watertight tank design is offered with Infiltrator’s line of custom-fit risers and heavy-duty lids. Infiltrator injection molded tanks provide a revolutionary improvement in plastic septic tank design, offering long-term exceptional strength and watertightness.

IM-1060 Unique Benefits Include:

  • Strong, injection molded polypropylene construction
  • Structurally reinforced access ports eliminate distortion during installation and pump-outs
  • Reinforced structural ribbing and fiberglass bulkheads offer additional strength
  • Can be pumped dry during pump-outs
  • Integral heavy duty green lids that interconnect with TW riser system
  • Suitable for use as a septic tank, pump tank, or rainwater (non-potable tankInfiltrator Septic Tank IM cutaway resized 600




Quick4 Plus Chamber Systems

The newest addition to the Infiltrator family of products is the Quick4 Plus Low Profile chamber line. This family of chambers provides maximum strength through their center structural columns. The low profile models include the Quick4 Plus Standard Low Profile (LP), the Quick4 Plus Equalizer 36 Low Profile (LP) and the Quick4 Plus Equalizer 36 StraightLock (SL) Low Profile (LP). At 8-inches tall, the Low Profile models are optimal for shallow installations.

Like the Quick4 chamber line, these chambers have a Contour Swivel ConnectionTM feature, which allows 10-degree turns, right or left, making it the perfect choice for tough terrain and tight job sites. They come in easy to handle four-foot lengths, providing the quickest drainfield installation in the onsite wastewater industry.

Two end caps are offered with the Quick4 Plus line of chambers, providing increased flexibility in system configurations. The Quick4 Plus Endcap offers a simple, flat design. The Quick4 Plus All-in-One Endcap may be used at the end of a chamber row or can be installed mid-trench to allow for a center feed. Inlet pipe connections to this end cap include the sides, ends and top. There are a variety of accessories available with the Quick4 Plus line of chambers.

Infiltrator Chamber System resized 600

Key Features and Benefits:

Shallow Placement
As a result of the augmented structural design, the new designs can be installed with as little as 6 inches of soil in shallow cover applications. At 8” tall the low profile chambers allow for shallow installations, allowing for less digging and better contact with the soil.

Augmented Structural Design
The Quick4 Plus design develops its structural capacity from a combination of support on the chamber “feet” and new interior load-bearing support column system allowing for installation in shallow cover applications.

Multi-Use Endcap Designs
The Quick4 Plus Endcap and the Quick4 Plus All-in-One Endcap can be utilized across the entire Quick4 Plus family of chambers. The two endcap designs increase flexibility in how septic systems can be configured offering a variety of inletting options and heights to meet any installation need.

Quick4 Plus High Capacity Chamber

The Quick4 Plus High Capacity Chamber offers maximum strength through its two center structural columns. This chamber canbe installed in a 36 inch wide trench. Like the orginal line of Quick4 chambers, it offers advanced contouring capability with its Contour Swivel ConnectionTM whcih permits 10-degree turns, right and left. It is also available in four foot lengths to provide optimal installation flexibility. The Quick4 Plus all-in-one 12 Encap and the Quick4 Periscope are available with this chamber, providing increased flexibility in system configurations.